Diamond Deals

Lodging Deals
Diamond deal cabin and motel room prices are available on short notice, as the prices are discounted to fill units that have not been reserved or filled at our full rental prices.  Existing reservations may NOT be changed to "Diamond Deal" rates.  
There are no minimum stay requirements, however a deposit is required.
 Rates: April 10th, 2017 through May 25th, 2017
Any available Motel Room : $69
Any available Studio Housekeeping unit: $79
Any available Two Bear Creek Cabin$149
Any available North Lakefront Double Decker Cabin$149
Any available Marina Lakefront cabin$189
Any available Fireside cabin$189
Cabin #23 (Our very best two bedroom cabin!): $259
Family Cabin #37$409
Only the units listed above qualify for Diamond Deals Discounts, and are subject to availability.
Diamond Deal Discounts may not be combined with any other discount, promotion or package price.
Click here for Senior's and Active Duty Military Discounts

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