April 16th, 2014
Good morning!  The lake is 99.9% clear of ice as of this morning.  Just a little remains extending from the south boat ramp to Silent Creek.  It should be completely gone within 24 hours
You can launch boats at the north boat ramp.  Boats can be launched at the south boat ramp but there are no docks at the ramp yet.
Two boats limited out by noon yesterday, they were fishing the edge of the ice at 35 feet in 45 feet of water.
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Bryson, Olson & Norman Anderson
of Seattle, Washingtion
Show off their catch on April 12th,
The biggest weighed in at 3 pounds.
The boys said the fishing and weather were great and released several other trout without hurting them.
Great Job Guys!!!
The two pictures below were taken this morning, March 21st.  The ice on the lake is starting to break up.  We still can't get boats on the water but it is not long in coming.  There is 50 to 100 feet of open water in front of the lodge to the first rock point that bank anglers can access.  Off the bank at the first point has been a good spring angling location in the past. Fish Power Bait under the edge of the ice. 
March 13th ...
The lake is still 100% covered with ice about 4 to 6 inches thick.  We have cold nights (20 degrees or less) and warm afternoons, (50 degrees +).  The ice crusts over during the night and then gets soft and slushy in the afternoons.
We do not recommend  going out on the ice!

Our best forecast is for some open water and being able to gets boats on the lake by the middle of April. 
We will keep your posted of changing conditions.
February 22nd ...
Tom Nelson, a coach at Summit High School, took advantage of the great weather last weekend to check out the ice fishing at Diamond Lake. 
Here he holds a 24 inch Rainbow for his efforts.  Nice Job, Tom.  Looks like your Lady is enjoying the trip too. 
Paul Heberling, of Roseburg, is a transplanted Minnesotan who loves ice fishing.  On a trip to Diamond Lake on January 2nd, he was joined by a group of his friends.  Bruce Service, in the green jacket, right side of photo, caught his first fish every through the ice.
Green Power Bait fishing in 15 to 20 feet of water.  Paul says they had the most bites with the lake's ice was not moaning and groaning.

Good Job Guys !!!
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife added 20,000 fingerling trout to Diamond Lake yesterday.  These fish, 4 to 6 inches in length, will feed in the lake over the winter bringing the total to approximately 200,000 catchable trout in Diamond Lake for the 2014 summer season.

Tammi Morgan, of Eagle Point, took advantage of the Veteran's Day holiday and made the trip up to Diamond Lake for a little R & R.
She used a bobber and night crawler at the entrance to the outlet channel at Lake Creek to catch this nice 17 inch trout along with several other smaller ones.

Nice Catch, Tammi
October 19th...
Scott Wood with a 21.5 inch; 4 and 1/2 pound trout he caught at the south end of the lake using green Power Bait.
Nice fish, Scott
October 19th...
Debbie McDowell and dad Jay Jensen, from Eugene, enjoyed a father daughter fishing day on the Diamond Lake Charter Boat with near limits today.  They used Power Bait and night crawlers at the north end of the lake in 12 feet of water.
Great weather and good fishing make for a memorable day together
From left to right...
Cheryl and Richard Finley, from Albany, Oregon
Holly Leblanc, from Roseburg, Oregon
and Ed Flygar of Eugene
Caught 27 trout on the Diamond Lake Charter Boat yesterday, October 8th.
Great job guys!
August 20, 2013
The post 2006 treatment record big fish has fallen again.  And fell hard it did.  Kenny Ruffo, from Cackamas, Oregon was fishing in 40 + feet of water with his three children when this 28 & 1/2 inch, 12.1 pound Rainbow took his orange Power Bait. The trout surpasses a 9.4 pound fish caught a season ago by 2.7 pounds.

We were all waiting for a 10 pounder and look what comes along.  Now the question is, is there a 15 pounder lurking in the depths of Diamond Lake?
 Nice, very nice!

Kids:  KJ Ruffo, Austin Hayes & Sydney Hayes
August 3rd:
We may not be catching stringers full of fish but anglers are taking some very nice trout out of Diamond Lake the past couple of weeks, as these pictures show ...
TJ Orton caught this beauty on Saturday, July 20th fly fishing with
a black Seal Bugger.  Now that's a great Diamond Lake trout!
9 year old Alejandro Ramirez, from Phoenix, Oregon, spent some well deserved vacation time at Diamond Lake with his grand parents last week. 
Checking out the "Fishing Report Info" the family trolled with down-riggers in 28 to 40 feet of water and caught 60 trout in three days.  Fire/Pearl and Fire Tiger Needlefish drew the strikes.
Great job Alejandro. 
Russ Fagan, Tanner Adler and Fred Grunst of Redmond, Oregon used down riggers to fish 35 feet deep
in 45 feet of water over the July 4th holidays.They limited out 2 days in a row using "Kokanee Kids's" hammered Fire Wedding Rings. 
Nice Job Guys.  Down riggers can do the trick when bait fishing slows at Diamond Lake.
(Lead core trolling line works too)
Here is an average 17 inch Diamond Lake trout.  This one could not resist a gold Triple Teaser trolled behind a down rigger 30 feet down.
On light tackle these fish are a Hoot to hook and land.

Terry Kutz won the top $1000.00 Blackbird derby prize with a 5 pound, 2 oz trout

Izlym, Chase & Katrina Renolds & Espn Ostroskie of Medford are happy young anglers showing their catch at the Blackbird Derby.

Great Job Guys ...

Lori Lamont traveled from Bend, Oregon to try her luck at the Blackbird Derby and guess what?

She checks in with a 20 and 1/2 inch, 3 pound, 6 oz trout.

Ladies rule at Diamond Lake, that is a great Diamond Lake trout.

Don Heil and son Dennis, from Central Point and Roseburg enjoyed a late Father's Day on the Charter Boat on June 21st.  Don is 81 years old and caught his first and biggest fish in over 40 years.  Great Father's Day.  Brother Jeff, wish you were here too.
Don's trout was 5 pounds and 23 inches long
Dennis's fish weighed in at 5 pounds 4 oz and is 25 and 1/2 inches long.

Wouldn't ya know it, the day before Blackbird, these would have been money fish!  Oh Well !!!

Buck Rosselli, the Guru of Diamond Lake trout fishing strikes again with a 25 inch
6 pound 9 oz trout he caught on June 3rd.  Buck says its all about being the best,
his fishing partner Ron tells us it #*^!! luck and having a good partner to net your
fish for you.
The trout was caught at the south end of the lake in 12 feet of water on Power
Either way Buck, Good Job!

PS ...just forward the check for the usual amount to my account ...
The Craig Myers Family
visited Diamond Lake on
May 18th also.  Looks like
that was a good day for
Trolling with flashers and a
green Wedding Ring with a
chunk of night crawler or corn
on the hook.

Britney Myers on the left;
A cleaning table full of fat
trout on the right

May 18th ...
Six year old Cameran Redman claims big fish of the week with a 26 inch, 5 lb. 10oz trout
he caught on Chartreuse Power Bait.
Great Day on the Charter Boat (May 11th)  From left to right: Tony & Mike DeBone, La Pine, Oregon; 
Callie Buongiorno of Skohomish, Washington and Bryan Gullett, Silverton, Oregon; Mark Powell from La Pine, Oregon;
and on the right is Walt Gullett of Silverton, Oregon
Great Catch Guys!!  Power Bait was HOT today.
April 24th
Gary Jonesburg, who lives and works at Diamond Lake Resort,
along with fishing partner Ryan Oswald were one of the first boats
on the lake after ice out.  They were using bobbers and night crawlers
at the south end of the lake. 
This lunker was 26 to 28 inches in length with a guessed weitht of
7 + pounds.  And the best part of this fish story, the fish was
released to test another angler's skills.
March 24th ...
Nicholas Atchley is all smiles on his first ice fishing trip to Diamond Lake
and he should be.  A fat 1 pound, 13 oz trout is a nice one Chris.
Good Job!!
March 13th ...
Jessica Troxel with a great stringer of trout caught on Peach Power Bait
Nice catch Jessica!
Paul Heberling with fishing partners Dick Norland (on the left),
and Mike Brochu (who took the picture),  pose with their catch
on March 11th.  Two of the trout were over 20 inches with two
others just under the 20 inch mark.  
Craig Myers caught this 24 inch trout at the south end of the lake
in 5 feet of water using a pink and white jig on March 2nd. 
He said there was about a dozen other anglers there and most all
of them caught a fish or two.

Nice Job, Craig.
We were hoping someone would try a jig in shallow water. 
We really think that is where a lot of fish are.
Also try putting a wax worm or meal worm on the jig to add even more attraction.
January 12th
Ben Roberts, of Medford, put these two fat trout in the box using
Chartruse colored Power Bait
January 12th., 2013
Dave Ryner traveled down from Oregon City to test the new ice fishing season. 
Like most other anglers on the lake today he is getting bites but not hooking up
every time.  He did land this nice 14 inch Rainbow using Power Bait.
The modern "post treatment" trout record for Diamond Lake has been claimed by 11 year old
Jarod Beal, of Medford.  Jarod's trout, caught over the Memorial Day weekend, weighed in
at 9 pounds, 4 oz; and was 26 & 1/2 inches long.

Way to Go Jarod!!
Temple Hewett enjoyed nice weather and great fishing on June 19th.  This 22 inch, 4 pound plus trout was the largest of the trip.
We can see you're a happy girl Temple.  Nice Catch!


 June 17th
Paul Sauer
26 inches long
6 pounds